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An Equine Photoshoot - Outfit Tips for you & Your Horse.

Booked your photoshoot and not sure what to wear, or have you thought about what your horse will wear? I’ve put together a quick blog with tips and ideas for you and your horse.

Outfits for You

Before you start looking through your wardrobe have a think about what sort of photos you are going for. Do you want natural photos of you and your horse, do you want something a little smarter, or maybe something more dramatic and elegant? I recommend to bring at least two different looks, to create different results throughout your photos.


Do you want your photos to capture the everyday life of you and your horse, if so casual is the route for you. Wear your favourite breeches or jeans and pair it with your favourite polo, or base layer if it’s warm enough. If not, a smart sweatshirt, jacket or gilet combo would work well!

Smart Casual

So if you like the idea of casual but you want something a bit smarter for these extra special photos, then smart casual is for you. This is the most popular choice for photoshoots, you can create a number of looks with a nice pair of jeans, country boots, a shirt and even a hat (though you horse may want to steal this, but wouldn’t that make a good photo!).

Smart Elegant

Want to create that WOW look in your photos, then look no further than a stunning dress or suit. Do you want to be formal, country attire or in riding wear. You could even go full competition wear with a tailored show jacket and long riding boots.

Once you've picked your style or styles you can put your outfits together. I'd recommend putting these together at least a week before your photoshoot. Have a little try on session at home, make sure your happy with the outfits when they are on, you might realise they need ironing, or you may want to treat yourself to a new shirt to complete the look. Doing it early means you are prepared and you can relax and be excited for your upcoming photoshoot.

Top Tips

  • Consider the season

  • Don't forget accessories

  • MOST IMPORTANT - Go with what makes you feel most comfortable and most like you.


Outfits for your Horse

This may sound silly, but have you considered what your horse will wear? Once you've decided on your outfit you can work out what to put on your horse.

You can't go wrong

A bridle! You cannot go wrong with this look (make sure it's clean and shiny). A bridle is smart and formal and looks good with any of your outfits. Maybe you have one with a sparkly browband, or you may just prefer a full leather one. Alternatively a smart headcollar can work just as well, particularly if you are going for a more casual look.

Full Tack

Are you going equestrian over country? Do you want riding shots? Then full tack is the way to go. A smartly polished saddle and bridle can really make your photos stand out.

A Fleece

A luxurious fleece with a fluffy collar can create a whole new look in your photos. Ideal for winter, a fleece will give a cosy feel to your winter photos.


Have you considered your horse without a headcollar or bridle? Either using their field or an enclosed space, by removing any headcollar we can create natural photos, this can also emphasize the connection with your horse.

Top Tips

  • If wearing a bridle, consider what bit you have on, as you don't want photos with your strongest bit in!

  • Bring baby wipes! Your horse is bound to grab a mouthful of grass along the way and get covered in green slobber.


Whatever you decide to wear or whichever look you'd like to go for, when you book with me I'm just at the end of the phone if you want to chat about ideas and plan your dream photoshoot.

I've put together some of my favourite equine photos below with outfit inspirations.

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