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Milly & Molly

So I am an equine & dog photographer, however that doesn't mean I won't turn my hand to slightly smaller subjects! When Pete & Nicky asked me to take some photos of their beloved Guinea Pigs, I couldn't say no!

It was a gloriously sunny day, and after spending a fun morning splashing around for Roly's Photoshoot (read here), this was going to top off a very good day! As expected, the photoshoot was located in their garden and I spent most of the time lying on the floor, on my front (that's the problem with having small models)! However the Motijo really helped, thanks Nicky! (whoever said you can't drink on the job).

I spent the first part of the photoshoot, simply observing and patiently waiting for Milly & Molly to simply look the right way, or do something cute. And right on cue, Molly decided to have a groom, which was so adorable! Following this we tried some poses, which I'd normally say; easier said than done, but they were fabulous models. We posed them under a there little bridge, in a plant pot, eating some strawberries (well more being bribed by some strawberries) and finished off by posing them together in their bed.

Hear from the Milly & Molly's owners; "Just a few words about the photoshoot Steph did for us for our Guinea pigs Milly and Molly, although usually horses and dogs Steph took the professional time with our girls, the results were amazing with the pictures taken and hanging on our walls, these are priceless to us as they give us the best memories of our pets, thank you Steph."

It was such a fun, easy going photoshoot, and it was lovely to have a different subject to photograph. Therefore if you are in want of some photographs, no matter what the subject, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 

Steph x

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