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SR Photos - March Round up!

So March, well it was dark, wet and a bit stressful personally. I didn't do 80% of the things in my head but that's life. In terms of my photography, I'm ashamed to say I only picked up my camera once this month and that was for an Easter/Spring photoshoot with my rabbits. However March for me has been more about generating ideas, and getting through the last winter month before the clocks change.

So what have I been up to then?

Well as my business is still small I've been gathering ideas on who I can work with to help get my business out there, whilst being an advantage to the other party. One of which is ideal for all those dog lovers out there!

On 20th April I am hosting a Limited Edition Dog Photoshoot day at Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training. This is great location as I will be using the enclosed training paddock so dogs can be off the lead and owners can relax that their dog won’t run away! To find out more about the day or to book click here: Limited Editon Dog Photoshoots.

Laura who runs Pawsitive Intentions Dog Training helped me with my own dog Eddie when he was a puppy and I couldn’t recommend her enough! I'm also attending all of Laura's affiliated dog shows this year as the official event photographer! These are such fun yet relaxed days! (Other than trying to keep up with the super fast dogs)! It's definitely worth looking at.

Another venue I am excited to announce as their official riding club photographer is Ashbourne & District Riding Club. Last year I had the pleasure of photographing events for Longford & District Riding Club however sadly they were unable to use the land anymore and therefore had to merge into a new riding Club. With their new venue, I'm excited to cover their events this year.

I am also in the very early stages of discussing a photoshoot package for horse owners, but you'll have to wait to find out more about this.

Other things I've been working on, adding more information onto my website to assist clients, a subscriber list so you can keep up with my activities, and all the behind the scenes details to make the booking process simple and clearer.

I hope to share these monthly updates so you can join me on my journey in the hope to become a full time Equine & Dog Photographer.

Stephanie x

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