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Fiona & Casper – A Summer Equine Photoshoot in Derbyshire

It was a beautiful day for an equine summer photoshoot! During our pre-photoshoot consultation Fiona shared photos, she had taken of the fields surrounding her stables, and a clear vision of what she wanted, to ride on top of the world! In other words, a photo with land, sky and Fiona and her horse; Casper, riding across the land to give the illusion of riding on top of the world.

When I arrived at the stables it was clear I had lots to work with for this equine summer photoshoot. Stunning British countryside greeted me, with cows grazing across the fields and the greenest grass you have ever seen.

After saying hello to Casper (a must of course) we headed off to our location to start with equine portrait photos. Looking over the Derbyshire hills, we started next to a beautiful tree, which Casper decided to eat, but it meant we got some fun equine photos captured too!

With a few more locations under our belt, and a quick outfit change in the middle of a field from Fiona we moved on to the riding photographs of this equine summer photoshoot. With myself positioned at the bottom of the hill, Fiona & Casper cantered across the top of the hill with Casper fully enjoying himself! It was the perfect sunny day for a equine photoshoot with both horse and rider portraits and riding photographs.

Galloping with my horse photo
Equine Photoshoot Derbyshire

“Loved my photoshoot with SR Photos! Usually I hate having my photo taken, but Steph made it such fun! I'm so pleased with the results, and have plenty of gorgeous images to choose from. In fact the pictures came out so well, I'm struggling to narrow down which ones I want on my wall!”

Fiona & Casper x

Interested in a summer photoshoot, have something specific in mind? Why not get in touch and tell me all about your ideas!

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